10 Most Important Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing does not need an introduction. We all know what digital marketing is and what services a digital marketing company offers.

Right from nomenclature to brand building, from web development to Google Ads, from offline promotion to creating a buzz on social media platforms. While not limited to these services, a digital agency or a national level digital marketing company would probably offer more.

Digitalization, although in the nascent stage, has influenced every aspect of human lives. Though not completely, but digital technology has bettered our life. Individuals and businesses, especially, have found comfort, quick attention, and the facility to communicate with masses at affordable rates has triggered the importance of digital marketing.

Business owners want to solidify their online presence and reach the target audience in an organized way. But when we say an organized way, enterprises cannot achieve online success by hiring a digital marketing company randomly. A successful and thriving online presence calls for secure, sound, and long-term measures, which we know as a STRATEGY. Before the strategy, businesses should ready a list of questions directed toward digital marketing companies in Mumbai before hiring.

The first and foremost question is – How to choose the best agency? There are some questions; business owners should ask to get the best value for money. Here are the ten most important questions to ask.

What services do you offer?

Services, the most crucial deciding factor, and it reveals the capability and versatility of the agency. Make sure the agency has resources to provide services such as web designing, web development, website hosting, search engine optimization, content marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, branding, Google Adwords, etc.

How good are you at setting and achieving goals?

Most agencies commit what they cannot complete. Make sure their definition of digital marketing is extensive and aims at providing solutions, setting a goal, and achieving it on time.

How will you know about our requirements?

Ask about the process the agency will undergo to know your business and understand your needs and align recommendations and strategies with those needs. Know as the discovery phase; this question allows the agency to know pain points, needs, challenges, and goals.

Have you worked with companies like us?

Ask the agency if it has worked with companies like yours in the past. Clarify the industry, sector, or market. Ask about the size and structure of the businesses worked with earlier.

What is your team size, and who will be the point of contact?

Ask the number of people working in the agency. The number will help you determine the speed of work/task/project completion. Ask about the point of contact, insist on a single point of contact, it will help you save time and get the work done faster.

Do you outsource your work?

Your agency should be transparent about who is doing the work assigned by your company. A good agency will handle your work in-house and assign you a point of contact who will discuss your project with you.

What project management tools do you use?

Very vital in managing your project/s. Ask the agency whether it uses tools that assist in achieving your business goals through digital marketing. Tools are necessary to gauge the functionality, reach, delivery, reports, and communication of your campaign/project.

Can you optimize content?

Content is king, and you should promptly ask the agency if it has the right resource to curate/optimize content because a well-defined content enhances your online presence and visibility. Do not rely on assumptions or half-hearted commitments; ask for a full-proof plan.

What different would you do than other agencies?

Agencies that knows what works and what does not earn the reputation of being different. Ask the agency whether their team can pull-out uniqueness in your project.

How do you cope with the changes in the industry?

The industry is known for its frequent changes. Ask the agency on how does it and its employees cope with the changes. Ask how much do they invest and how much time do they allow for the professional training of employees.

We hope the questions will assist you in hiring the right digital marketing agency.


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