Build a career with an Executive EMBA in Business Analytics:Benefits,Career Opportunity,& Skill Sets

bba business analytics
Introduction   Business analytics has emerged as a powerful tool. It has enabled organizations to extract valuable insights from data and drive strategic decisions. In this digital age, professionals with the right business analytics skills are in high demand. If you... Read more

How is Visual Communication (viscom course) Different from Graphic Design course?

viscom course
Introduction   Effective communication through images, symbols, and design elements has become paramount in today’s visually-driven world. Visual communication and graphic design are terms often used interchangeably but represent distinct disciplines with unique purposes and approaches. Understanding the differences between the... Read more

How Financial Technology is Revolutionizing the World ! (Especially UPI)

Financial Technology
Financial technology, commonly known as “fintech,” has grown rapidly in recent years, transforming the financial industry and how people manage their finances. Here are three top financial technologies: 1] Mobile Payment Platforms : Mobile payment platforms like PayPal, Venmo, and... Read more
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