3 Types Of Home Automation That Everyone Should Know

Since we live in the age of technology and automation, home automation systems are becoming a popular trend among homeowners. They are used to operate various loads in homes with the help of machinery equipment and involve automatic controlling of home appliances using different technologies and controllers. The smart home automation system makes the daily operations of various home appliances more convenient and saves a lot of energy.

Home automation in Mumbai and everywhere else is mainly implemented by sensors, controlling devices, and actuators. Let us see what are the different types of automation systems and how they work.

Power Line Home Automation System

Power line home automation is quite inexpensive and does not require any additional cables to transfer the information. The home automation companies in Mumbai use existing power lines for transferring the data in this system. This type of system involves a large complexity and necessitates additional converter circuits and devices. 

Wired Home Automation System

In a wired home automation system, all the home equipment is connected to the main controller through a communication cable by the home automation solutions provider. The whole equipment is connected with actuators to communicate with the main controller and the entire operations are centralized by the computer that continuously communicates with the main controller.

Wireless Home Automation

This type of smart home automation can be said to be the expansion and advancement of wired automation which uses wireless technologies like Wi-Fi, GSM, IR, Zigbee, and Bluetooth, for achieving remote automation. For instance, the GSM-based home automation provides the controlling of the system by sending an SMS to the GSM modem. 

Touch Screen-Based Home Automation System

This type of system can be implemented in our homes by a home automation company in Mumbai at much lower costs. It consists of a microcontroller that is attached to the light loads to control them and at the controlling side, a touch screen allows the user to send the command signals to operate the loads, which are then transferred to the microcontroller. It sends the command signals to the encoder circuit, according to the command written, which converts this data into binary format. 

In this home automation system in Mumbai, the binary format is then transferred to an RF transmitter. From here, the data is transmitted to the receiver section, and at the receiver side, the RF receiver receives the information sent by the transmitter section. This information is then decoded and transferred to the microcontroller, which sends the command signals to an optoisolator. This triggers the TRAICs, which control all the light loads. 

These are the different types of home automation systems and home automation companies that can help you to make your house a smart home. Having informative and insightful knowledge will help you in making the best decision while choosing a system for your home. 

Image Solutions is one of the leading smart home automation companies in Mumbai. They have helped numerous clients with their specialized requirements, by their team of passion-driven and dedicated experts.


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