What is a Crypto Swap?

In the ever-evolving crypto landscape, trading your precious coins often involves traversing a dizzying terrain of exchanges, order books, and complex trading tools. But there’s another path less traveled, a hidden oasis in this financial wild west: the crypto swap. ... Read more

Defi wallets: what are they? a comprehensive guide

A DeFi wallet stands as a digital instrument facilitating the storage and transmission of decentralized tokens, while also facilitating interaction with DeFi platforms. Diverging from conventional wallets that house fiat currencies, a decentralized finance wallet stores cryptographic keys—comprising both private... Read more

MPC Wallets Could Be Safer Than Hardware Wallets

MPC (Multi-Party Computation) technology is a firmly established concept designed to securely manage, share, and modify digital information. The MPC approach enables multiple parties to perform computations within a single database while maintaining complete anonymity from each other.  Although the... Read more

DAO Treasury Management: Effective Strategies & Best Practices for Efficiently Governing and Growing Decentralized Funds

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) empower individuals to collaborate and operate an organization through open-source code and a network of participants who collectively govern its activities. These entities are native to the internet and function without a central authority, embodying decentralization,... Read more

Crypto Mining vs. Crypto Staking: A Comprehensive Comparison and Investment Guide

While Bitcoin enthusiasts have had plenty of reasons to celebrate this digital coin, they couldn’t ignore the substantial environmental costs associated with its circulation. The growing call for collective action to mitigate its climate impact prompted emerging blockchain technologies to... Read more
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