Do you know the different types of blockchain?

different types of Blockchain


The core purpose of the blockchain to enable users to transact value through secure network infrastructure. But there is another component to the web3 blockchain infrastructure – cryptocurrencies and there are multiple different types of Blockchain which differs as per different domain application.

The blockchain cryptocurrency is built on top of blockchain infrastructure enabling users to pay network transaction fees as well as to help them purchase a wide range of offering available across the web3 blockchain impact on business  eco-system.

But to store the blockchain cryptocurrencies, user need to have a digital asset wallets first. The digital asset wallets allow users to securely hold their crypto-investments for the long term and conveniently transact in the short term. 

In sum, the web3 blockchain infrastructure constitutes two different types: Public blockchain and private blockchain.

Permission less blockchain infrastructure 

The permission less blockchain is a type of blockchain infrastructure that allows everyone to participate in the blockchain operations. Any users can start the mining process or conduct transaction over the permission less blockchain network.

The permission less blockchain infrastructure are usually considered to be transparent, open, immutable, and verifiable. The permission less blockchain is also known as trust less or public blockchain. Usually there are blockchain cryptocurrency attached to every permission less blockchain network. And to transact cryto-token, users are required to have access to their digital asset wallets.

The modern web3 blockchain ecosystem resides over permission less blockchain infrastructure such as polygon blockchain The only drawback of the permission less blockchain infrastructure is the fact that it is not scalable. The upside of using a permission less blockchain is the fact that it is decentralized. 

Some of the prominent examples of the permission less blockchain infrastructure include polygon blockchain, Ethereum blockchain, Solana blockchain, bitcoin blockchain.  

Permissioned blockchain infrastructure 

The permissioned blockchain is a type of blockchain infrastructure where only an authorized set of individuals or institutions are allowed to access the blockchain as well as verify transaction and data stored within the network. The permissioned blockchain infrastructure are also known as closed or private blockchain.

Networks such as polygon blockchain and Ethereum don’t fall under permissioned blockchain category. The permissioned blockchain infrastructure are usually employed by conglomerate and large-scale corporation where high-level of security and privacy are required.

Not every permissioned blockchain network has its own native blockchain cryptocurrency. This is the reason why, users don’t mandatorily require to have a digital asset wallets. Most permissioned blockchain infrastructure are not truly decentralized which is the reason why it can validate nodes quickly. The permissioned blockchain infrastructure is scalable and offer great performance. 

Liminal is among the leading enterprises offering institution-grade web3 blockchain infrastructure, such as a hot wallet crypto platform designed to assist organizations with their digital asset self-custody need.  

Liminal’s digital asset custodian platform services such as trezor and ledger hardware wallet are developed with simplicity in mind because team at Liminal believe that managing the digital assets should not be intimidating and complex.  


Liminal has built the entire web3 blockchain-based digital asset custodian platform services including hot wallet and cold storage wallet with a security-first approach – so that you can sleep peacefully without worrying about the security of your digital assets and funds. And you also receive expert customer support from our team – to resolve challenging technical complications. 


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