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Sometimes it can seem impossible to separate yourself from the marketing clutter. Yet, companies are rediscovering a fun strategy for engaging with clients. It is marketing via direct mail. Direct mail may produce engaging experiences that attract attention and foster confidence. Connecting with evasive decision-makers and busy c-suite executives may become simpler.  

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Is direct mail cost-effective? Can it guarantee a successful investment? And how effective is direct mail for your business? For answers to these and other topics, read What Is Direct Mail Marketing  

Sending actual letters, packages, mailers, brochures, postcards, and other marketing materials to prospective and/or existing consumers is known as direct mail. Both B2C and B2B sales use it. However, consumers use it more frequently.  

How successful is direct mail advertising? (“New Data”)  

There are several avenues for outreach in digital marketing, which is straightforward. Because of this, it is simple for many firms to overlook direct mail. Nonetheless, there are numerous advantages of email marketing to consider for your upcoming campaign.  

Mail delivery is enjoyable. 

Digital media dominate many people’s homes, places of employment, and leisure time. A third of US consumers have reportedly felt overburdened by managing their digital devices and subscriptions since 2020, according to a study by Deloitte for 2021. Yet, a USPS study from 2021 indicates that direct mail is a preferred substitute. The survey’s youngest respondents, Gen Z, claim they eagerly anticipate receiving mail. Moreover, 38% of those polled went online after getting pertinent direct mail.  

Direct mail is seen to be more personal than digital communication by 71% of Gen X poll respondents. And the majority of millennials polled said they prefer direct mail over internet communication because it feels more secure. Also, they are the clients most likely to take action, such as visiting a website or a shop after receiving direct mail.  

Gets more responses than email, on average. 

The survey findings from Lob’s 2022 State of Direct Mail Consumer Insights report are as follows:  

  • Direct mail is the top channel, according to 44%, for undiscovered brands.  
  • Direct mail feels more significant than electronic communication from a brand, according to 50% of consumers aged 35 and up.  
  • 62% claim that direct mail motivated their behaviour.  

It is an essential tool for account-based marketing (ABM). 

ABM is a growth approach that incorporates cooperation between the marketing and sales teams. These teams design tailored experiences for important accounts. Direct mail does not require initial consent in the same way that email and SMS messaging do for GDPR compliance, in addition to higher response rates, inventiveness, and other advantages. So even if you can’t email a consumer, you can still engage with them through a personal encounter.  

Possibility of reaching multiple customers at once. 

Despite the fact that more people than ever are living alone, 72% of US households contain two or more occupants, according to current census data. This will include more adult children who are still residing with their parents in 2022. Ages 25 to 34 are represented by 12% of women and 19% of males. You are, therefore, more likely to reach one or more family members if you send letters to that address. And 72% of consumers read direct mail the same day they receive it or right away.  

Less rivalry than email. 

By the year 2025, it is predicted that 325 billion emails will be sent every day. In 2022, 26% of marketers sent emails more than once per week, while 33% sent emails once per week. In contrast, just 361 direct mail marketing pieces were sent to the typical American household in 2021. Over the entire year, that amounts to fewer than 400 pieces of mail. Direct mail has much less competition only based on sheer numbers.  

A unique, inventive, and innovative method of outreach. 

You can express your creativity by using direct mail. Whether you want to send handwritten messages, gifts, or postcards, this is an opportunity to make something unique for your audience.  

For instance, Royal Mail’s “Open Door” direct mail campaign garnered multiple prizes in 2022. They refined their messaging as a B2C partner for well-known companies like Levi’s through focus group research. Each box had customized items that complemented its messaging and value proposition. For instance, to highlight their dedication to sustainability, one bundle came with a pencil case made from recovered denim. This direct mail campaign was unique and successful because of the handwritten messages, thorough delivery instructions, and gorgeous design.  

Additional Benefits of Direct Mail  

How might account-based marketing activities be made simpler with direct mail?  

GDPR and the California Consumer Protection Act significantly impact how you interact with consumers and clients. Another way sales teams communicate with customers offline is through direct mail.  

Your relationships with contacts can be strengthened by including direct mail in your account-based marketing efforts. This is due to the fact that you may provide hyper-targeted material over a channel that encourages a more profound connection than email alone.  

Your ABM campaigns can benefit from including direct mail if you:  

  • increasing brand awareness  
  • Make every interaction memorable  
  • Increasing participation provides something unique in your sales pipeline  

What is the price of direct mail advertising?  

Each campaign will have different direct mail costs. The following campaign choices may have an impact on costs:  

  • Design  
  • Collateral  
  • Printing   
  • Personalization  


Start by determining your campaign’s mailing list and targeted budget. This Postal calculator can provide a rough cost if postage is your only concern. There are straightforward and affordable ways to streamline the process, even though some direct mail marketing might be pricey. Take the example of wanting to send sales letters to every client on your list. You can utilize a variety of businesses in conjunction with your CRM to generate personalized direct mail to your clients. For instance, Postalytics’ free plan charges about $1.33 per letter.  

Can inbound and direct mail coexist?  

You might think that direct mail and inbound marketing are incompatible. After all, the former entails delivering unsolicited mail to a person’s residence or place of business. The latter engages them through content and keeps them interested with qualified leads. However, direct mail has an advantageous position in the inbound process when appropriately handled. You can contribute value by educating people and providing specialized outreach. Also, it makes you stand out from the competitors and attract the attention of your prospect.  

Can the ROI of direct mail marketing be calculated?  

Sure, there are a few techniques to measure the return on investment through email marketing. You simply need the correct instrument to assess how direct mail affects your company’s bottom line. For instance, CRMs like HubSpot directly interface with corporate gifting systems like Alyce. Reporting on gifting performance and ROI is part of the integration. If you are using a more manual strategy, you will need to determine the objectives of each campaign and pick KPIs to gauge ROI. 


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