How to Choose the Best Wireless Home Theatre System

Sometimes all you want to do after going home tired and exhausted sit-down, relax and experience a theater-like experience. This can very much be your reality when you go in for a home theatre system. If you are wondering how you can install this without tearing down your walls and tripping over cords during its installation process and even when using it, you can go in for a wireless home theatre system. Here is how you can opt for the best one so that you have a seamless TV viewing experience.

The technology behind a wireless home theatre

If you search for a wire home theatre experience, you mainly find acronyms like WiFi, Bluetooth and WiSA come up in your search. However, only one out of these three technologies offers you a seamless wireless experience.

WiFi Surround Sound Systems do not perform optimally

While WiFi functions well with the internet, when it comes to speakers, this is not always the case owing to issues with surround sound. WiFi signals are too crowded for a complete surround sound experience. This does not work when you are viewing a surround sound movie or show as it needs a lot of clear air.

Bluetooth surround sound does not exist

Simply put, surround sound and Bluetooth are not compatible. Bluetooth wires do not come with the means to stream enough channels for wireless systems. It also possesses the ability to stream two sounds at once. So while products accept Bluetooth as an input, the actual surround speakers still need connecting. Then there is also the dilemma that Bluetooth experiences interference and degraded sound quality after crossing the 30 feet range.

WiSA is the best wireless for surround sound

When going in for a wireless home theatre system, the WiSA wireless acts like WiFi on steroids. It is simple to set up as well as install, falls perfectly in sync with the picture and possesses no latency issues, comes with better audio quality is scalable so you can add more speakers to complete your surround sound system.

When installing a wireless home theatre system, see that you pay attention to setup and usability. Pay attention to surround sound system issues and see that you go in for a system that falls seamlessly with how much you are willing to shell out. All in all, gaining an understanding of how you can obtain the best viewing experience and keeping other mentioned factors in mind, you can surely pick the best wireless home theatre system for you.


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