Latest Technology Trend of 2020 That Will Impact Your Business

By now you must have seen a lot of estimates for the superb things that are going to happen in the year 2020. It is very important for your business to have a solid foundation for social, mobile, analytics and cloud so that you can integrate the recent technology updates which will help to drive the post-digital wave.

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Here are some of the latest technology trends of 2020 that you need to know as it will impact your business to a great extent.

5G Network

One of the most inscrutable new upcoming technologies that will influence your business in 2020 will be the arrival of 5G. Most of the industry experts have said that 5G is going to be the future of communication and it’s true.

The 5G wireless networks are going to support 1,000-fold gains in capacity, while they are going to be the connections for at least 100 billion devices and a 10Gb/s individual user experience of awfully low latency & response times. You will see that the deployment of these networks will mainly emerge between 2020 and 2030.

Human Augmentation

Human augmentation is mainly understood as a process by which a person’s physical as well as cognitive ability is fortified. When it is once entrenched in a human being, it will help the person to do all the tasks easily that used to be tough for him or her once.

This is will assist in boosting the physical strength of a person as well as improved ability to think and decide better. Therefore, it can be said that human augmentation is known to hold a significant place in the future of technology.

The Empowered edge

If you see the chief concern of any industry then it is the laggy approach which some of the other time disturbs the entire management of the operations. Due to this reason, now the industries have started focusing on the effectiveness as well as the reaction rate of computing through which the data analysis is prepared. This is the time when edge computing comes into the role.

Edge computing helps in bringing the data storage as well as computation closer to the businesses that further help in upgrading the response times as well as protects bandwidth.

AI Products

In the IT sphere, Artificial Technology or IT is not any new term but now there have been many verticals of the AI that are giving the industries a new shape globally. Some of the AI technology trends like AlterEgo, citizen robots as well as a mind-reading wearable are few of the promos that tell how big AI technology is going to get in the year 2020.

Some of the companies are already testing with drones as well as robot delivery like Dominos.

Autonomous Driving

You must have heard about some of the well-known companies like Tesla, Waymo and Alphabet whose main motive is to make an outstanding autonomous vehicle. The idea of the driverless car creates perfect excitement in every individual. Autonomous Driving is sure to bring a big boom in your business this year.

Distributed Cloud

The trend of cloud storage, as well as cloud computing, has already been covered by the industries around the world and it is considered as the next huge things which will hit the tech ecosystem. The distributed cloud is known to assist in connecting the public cloud distributed operation of cloud services to a particular location.

Therefore, these are some of the latest technology trends of 2020 that are going to influence your business.


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