Recent Trends That Shaping Era Of Education Technology

In the present situation due to pandemic, great transformation took place in the method of interaction between the teacher and the student. Sitting at home, the children could explore new aspects of learning and the teacher could improvise their skills and taught the students virtually which was quite different from the traditional method of learning. The educational system is evolving a lot and the recent COVID 19 pandemic has greatly contributed to this. Various new trends in educational technology are evolving and surely, they will dominate the education market even when the current crisis calms down. There are several latest trends shaping education technology.

Immersive learning

Immersive learning is the latest technology updates in education that has its appearance to virtual and augmented reality, as well as mobile technology. The essence of immersive learning can immerse them in the most realistic environment and strengthen their theoretical knowledge with practical skills. While it is being the strongest educational technology trend, the development of virtual reality applications is challenging. The most challenging and expensive is the creation of content that includes VR and AR devices that are also costly.

Digital curriculum

A digital curriculum is not a new technology in education as many colleges and universities have been using special class planning software for a long time. However, the use of artificial intelligence opens up new opportunities for schools. It is useful to rely on the personalization of learning who wants to optimize their internal processes. With the help of AI, curriculum planning and scheduling become much easier and error-free. This helps to analyze huge amounts of information about the courses that students have chosen, group them according to age and interests.

Data-driven institutions

Analysis and processing of data bring huge opportunities for educational institutions. Without a doubt, this is the main way to revolutionize education. Many leading universities and colleges are beginning to understand this and they are now using data for every external and internal strategy of the university promises to become one of the main trends in educational technology.

Tech-driven tests and online assessments

Mobile education is the latest updates in technology trends that are already adopted by many educational institutions. Online teaching enables allowing students to study educational materials, take online tests, and pass the result to the teacher. It is expected that more innovative and AI-powered solutions for online assessments are going to appear.

Mobile technologies

The development of mobile technologies helped a lot in improving the above educational technology trends. Without the use of mobile technology, powerful smartphones the use of applications for distance learning, virtual reality, chatbots, voice assistants and even passing online tests would be more difficult. In the present scenario, the mobile has become the storehouse of knowledge for everyone. The entire material taught and learned is stored in it. The device is quite helpful for the teachers to plan and execute their classes and guide the students to learn differently.

As per latest technology news, the use of mobile technologies is the most affordable for all educational institutions, because every student already has a smartphone which can be a powerful tool for gaining knowledge if used correctly. Students consider smartphones to be an important contributor to their academic success. Things come up with specialized mobile software to meet students’ demands and the latest trends in education.

With the advanced technology update, education is going to be truly innovative, personalized, and exciting. The new generation of students never finds out how it feels to learn a boring subject using an old textbook. Instead, they will be gifted with an opportunity to study with pleasure using the latest technology.


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