RHCE Certification: A Complete Guide

When a person wishes to be a Red Hat certified system administrator, it is necessary for them to get available with RHCE certification. BIS certification will clearly indicate that they have all the knowledge about it, and all the skills and abilities which are required for a senior system administrator are available with them. The administrator responsible for Red Hat Enterprise Linux System has some particular skills and abilities, and the certification will depict about the same only.

Here we will be going to discuss the aspects playing with it and will also help you to understand what is needed by you and how you can get the RHCE certification in Pune easily.

What to prove by RHCE:-

Before the certification is issued, it is necessary for the RHCE to prove a few factors. This includes:-

  • Provide networking services by configuring the system
  • System logging management
  • The system used reports delivery
  • Simple RPMs building
  • Runtime parameters to set kernel
  • Automation of task by using Shell scripting
  • Networking system configuration
  • ISCSI Initiator formatting

When the RHCE, prove all these skills, they will be able to get the certification easily.

Recommendation of training for the RHCE Exam:

The training recommended for RHCE exam includes:-

  • Red Hat certified system administrator training RH-124 and RH-134
  • Red Hat certified engineer training RH-254

The average salary of Red Hat certified engineer:

Just have a look at the average salary of Red Hat certified engineer. He is considered to be among all those who are giving certification courses, which has highest in the Linux Field. The salary they received per year is roughly $90000.

In India, the salary dependent upon the job character played by the Red Hat certified engineer. The character they are playing accordingly they will be going to get the salary.

Career opportunities after RHCE certification:

After getting RHCE certification in Pune, now the question arises about the career opportunities available to you. The career opportunities available to you include:-

  • A person will be able to configure the network to Static routes.
  • A person can set runtime kernel parameters.
  • Packet filtering
  • Network address translation configuration
  • Internet small computer system interface implementation
  • Utilization and system behavior report generation
  • The system can be configured to provide services like file transfer protocol, secure shell, web servers, network file system, simple mail transfer protocol, network time protocol, server message block.

And some additional features are also available after getting the certification. It clearly depends upon the interest of a person in which they wished themselves to get engaged.

What do we do under RHCE training?

When a person gets engaged in the training program, they will be able to learn about a lot of skills and skills that will not only help them to maintain the position for senior positions but will also help them to understand the skills required by them. They will be able to understand the parameters which let them to apply a particular skill. They will not only be able to understand the configuration of networking services but when it comes to checking security on servers, they will be able to do the same as well. After getting the certification, the chances of getting a job are 100%. No one can let them feel that the course in which they have invested their time is not appropriate.


The RHCE certification program will bring a lot of opportunities to a person. It will not only help them to learn about certain aspects but will also boost up their knowledge. Moreover, they will be able to enhance their career and will be able to get better salaries all along. This is considered to be the best option whenever they wish to mark a considered growth in the future.

Also, after getting the certification, if a person wishes to go abroad, they can choose the same as well. But it is necessary that you are aware of all the aspects linked with the course and you have completed it with honesty.


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