Surprising Impact Of Technology On Human Interaction That We Must Be Aware Of!

In today’s scenario everything is based on technology which is regarded as an advanced concept in the field of tools along with systems. It is mainly used in the business for automation of complex tasks. It also helps in shaping the behaviour of the societies along with the development of their relationship with other people. Today there is advancement in the technology from simple tools to complex tools like cell phones along with computers and airplanes. All these things have made critical changes in the behaviour of the people which lack their interaction especially with mobile phones and smart devices with other people or in society. It is important to remember that every aspect has its own pros and cons. It is wise to strengthen the weaker areas and improve the strong part of any new innovation.

Due to effects of modern technology,human behaviour has resulted in negative behaviour where they lack to interact with other people. On the other side, computer systems along with the internet have also altered human interactions when it is compared with non-technological systems. Before humans communicate with each other through meetings or get together but now they totally depend upon smart devices which are supported by Wi-Fi. Technology has also changed the behaviour of many people as most of the work they want to do from home right from the payment of bills till learning of the new language through you tube.

Advantages of new technology

Some of the good parts of the technology will cover down

  • It helps in bridging the gap between the ages of globalization.
  • It helps in travelling across the world by booking the tickets from home with the help of a smartphone. It provides a comfortable and convenient mode. Before, clients have to contact the travel agency again and again to get the reservation done. Now it is an easy task to book the ticket online by just sitting at their home.
  • Today online along with mobile banking is also replaced, which lacks an interaction of the people with bank tellers for doing monetary transactions. Today we have ATM machines which help in saving time along with resources and overhead cost. It also helps in increasing the efficiency of the task.
  • Apart from that the internet has also provided the best resources in the field of educational materials and learning systems. It helps in giving the opportunities to the people who want to take up their classes from online mode. They can take their classes from home or any place they are comfortable. Through this they lack their physical interaction with their tutors. Advantages of modern technology will also lack interactions with other people where they are not willing to meet their friends physically. They want to meet their friends through apps which provide them comfortable mode. All this will result in lack of social skills where they are not able to adjust with other people easily.
  • This will also result in easy communication along in transportation. People have to spend more time travelling when they want to move from one place to another. But now with advancement in technology, people can move from one place to another with the help of an aeroplane which takes less time in travelling from one place to another.

Thus we can conclude that latest technology updates have changed the entire scenario which has resulted in positive effects and has made the work easier for the people. Although they lack social interaction in many fields, some positive things are also seen regarding the saving of time along with money. Apart from that it also helps in learning some good things in smart devices which will prove good for you in future.


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