The Top Pre-Owned PS5 Game Deals in April 2022

The PS5 has brought a revolutionary change in the world of gaming. If you are fond of PS5 games, then April 2022 has brought multiple new releases in the gaming world. You will be mesmerized by so many options and playing will be more fun. Check the pS5 library regularly for the latest updates on games. For your benefit, we are sharing the best pre-owned PS5 games here. Read on to know more-

1. Alan Wake

This is a classic game for PlayStation and the new and updated version is available on PS5. With 60 FPS, 4k visuals, advanced models and characters, and enhanced cut scenes, this cinematic and action-thriller-based game will blow your mind from the beginning. The storytelling style of the game is quite compelling where the troubled author Alan Wake goes on adventures while looking for his missing wife, Alice. He faces a weird situation when he understands that he wrote a horror story without any memory of it!

2. Assassins Creed Valhalla

If you are interested in the thrilling and adventurous life of the Vikings, you will find this game too interesting to leave. The advanced RPG mechanism has made the characters of the game almost real while the usage of the weapons is outstanding. This game tells the gripping story of the journey from the icy-cold land of Norway to England. The player plays as the character, Eivor, a vicious Viking warrior who aims to be a part of the gods in Valhalla.

3. Balan Wonderworld

Explore the bizarre world of the underworld while playing this game! You will find 12 different tales which will keep you glued to your PlayStation 5. There are labyrinth stages where you can gather power from 80 different costumes. Players need to get back from the trap of Negati in the underworld. This game is designed for players 12 years and above.

4. Battlefield 2042

Do you like to play war games? Then you will love this game wholeheartedly. It is a first-person shooter game that is set in the future world, 2042. When the future world will be an incomplete disorder, changes will take place dynamically, you need to be prepared on the battlefield with your army to fight. The vast battleground of the game is amazing and gives a real-like experience to the players. There are several multiplayer modes like Breakthrough, Conquest, etc. where you can play with other players.

Here we have mentioned only a few games that are ruling the gaming world on PS5. There is more to enjoy. If you want to be a part of the amazing gaming world, go for a new and updated PlayStation.
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