The Ultimate Roadmap to AZ-104 Certification for Aspiring Azure Administrators


Microsoft Azure stands out as one of today’s leading public cloud providers, experiencing rapid and continual adoption across various organizations. The expanding user base of Microsoft Azure in the industry directly correlates with an escalating demand for individuals certified in Azure. This surge in demand significantly amplifies the value of the skills acquired through azure certification courses. 

For those aspiring to build a career in the cloud domain, navigating the Azure certification path such as azure 104 certification path might be precisely the strategic move needed. This blog dives into the intricacies of Microsoft Azure Certifications, offering a comprehensive understanding. Here, we present the ultimate roadmap to azure 104 certifications that you can pursue and successfully attain. 

Azure 104 Certification Exam: Overview of Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate Course  

CloudThat’s AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate certification training provides candidates with comprehensive training and relevant study materials tailored for success in the new exam designed for Azure Administrators. Enrolling in this Azure 104 certification training and successfully passing the exam fulfills all the Azure certification requirements essential for becoming a certified Microsoft Azure 104 Administrator Associate. 

How to Attain AZ-104 Certification 

  1. Prepare for the AZ 104 Exam: Begin by thoroughly reviewing the skills outlined on the Azure AZ-104 certification page. Key areas to focus on include: Manage Azure Identities and Governance, covering Active Directory, Role-Based Access Control, and Subscriptions. Implement and manage storage, emphasizing security, configuration of Azure files, and Blob Storage. Deploy and manage Azure Compute resources, including automation, VM configuration, Containers, and Azure App Services. Configure and Manage Virtual Networking, encompassing load balancing, security, monitoring, troubleshooting, and on-premise networks. Monitor and Backup Azure resources.
  2. Get AZ 104 exam Training: Consider various training options to enhance your preparation: Explore online free training resources. Enroll in instructor-led paid training sessions.
  3. Practice Tests: Reinforce your knowledge by taking practice tests that simulate the exam environment.
  4. Register for the AZ 104 exam: Choose between taking the AZ-104 exam online from your home or at a local test center. Ensure your system meets the necessary requirements for online exams. If opting for a local test center, benefit from a secure testing environment. Exam results from Pearson VUE are typically available within a few minutes, while beta exams may take ten days. Certiport results are provided in six to eight weeks. Download and share your certification upon successfully qualifying.
  5. Renew azure 104 certification: Note that AZ-104 certification requires renewal every six months. Renewal can be done online at no cost.

Engage in Study Groups and Online Discussion Forums 

Initiate your exam preparation journey by becoming part of study groups and online discussion forums. 

Joining these forums provides a valuable opportunity to connect with fellow individuals, whether they are experienced Azure Administrators or fellow exam aspirants. These platforms offer a space where you can seek answers to your questions and have your queries promptly addressed. Therefore, it is highly beneficial to actively participate in azure 104 certification discussion forums and study groups as you prepare for the AZ-104 exam. 


 Successfully passing the AZ-104 exam earns you the prestigious Azure Administrator Associate certification. Positioned at an intermediate level, this certification underscores your adeptness in Azure identities and governance management. It signifies your capability in effectively implementing and managing storage solutions, as well as your proficiency in deploying and overseeing Azure Compute resources. Furthermore, attaining this certification may open doors to career advancement, potentially leading to increased compensation or promotions. Achieving certification typically requires dedicated and thorough training. 

In response to feedback received on the AZ-100, AZ-101, and AZ-103 exams, Microsoft has introduced the AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator, streamlining the path for aspiring Azure administrators. If you aim to elevate your career as an Azure administrator, it is advisable to set your sights on the AZ-104 exam. This certification not only enhances your skills but also showcases your expertise to employers, setting you apart in your professional journey. Consider this AZ-104 Exam Preparation Guide as the ultimate resource to prepare thoroughly for the AZ-104 certification exam.


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