Top Healthcare Technological Advancements In The Last Decade

The scope of technological innovation endures emerging, changing all trades as it progresses. In healthcare, technology is progressively playing a vital role in almost all procedures, from patient recording to data management, from lab examinations to self-care devices; everything is technologically advanced now.

Tools like smartphones and tablets are starting to swap traditional monitoring and recording systems, and people are now given the choice of undergoing the complete consultation in the confidentiality of their residence. Technological advancements in healthcare have donated to services being taken out of the boundaries of the hospital and assimilating them with user-friendly, handy tools, and apparatus.

We have listed here some advanced technology updates & advantages of new technology in this world:

Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery is used in marginally invasive procedures and facilitates to aid in accuracy, regulation, and flexibility. During robotic surgery, doctors can perform multi-faceted measures that are otherwise either extremely hard or incredible. As technology advances, it can be united with amplified reality to let surgeons see crucial supplementary information about the patient’s life while conducting the surgery. 

Wireless Brain Sensors          

Medical advances have permitted scientists and doctors to collaborate and produce bioresorbable electronics that can be installed in the brain and melt when they are no longer required. This medical device will help physicians in calculating the temperature and thrust within the brain. As the sensors can liquify, they lessen the need for further surgeries. 

3D Printing

The 3D printers can be used to produce implants and even linkages to be used during the operation. 3-D-printed prosthetics are gradually popular as they are completely customized, the digital operations empowering them totally with a personality’s measurements, zeroing down to the millimeter. The use of printers can generate both durable and dissolvable items. Just as, 3-D printing can be used to publish pills that are comprised of numerous drugs, which will help patients with the company, timing, and regulation of multiple capsules. This is a true example of the advantage of new technologyand medicine working together.  

Gene Therapy

Gene therapy technology is the process of modification of someone’s DNA to cure an ailment, rather than merely treating the symptoms.

The application of gene therapy technology to handle blood cancers such as leukemia is one of the most stimulating medical signs of progress lately. Recent experiments have also discovered the scope for gene therapy to be used in withdrawing other types of cancers like breast cancer. There’s some aptitude that gene therapy could one day be used to eradicate the necessity for outdated treatments like chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation.

Artificial Organs 

On similar lines to 3D printing, bioprinting is also an evolving medical technology. While it was primarily ground-breaking to be able to renew skin cells for skin draughts for victims of fire accidents, this has sluggishly given way to even more thrilling opportunities. Scientists have been able to generate blood vessels, a pancreas, a liver, or even synthetic ovaries. These artificial organs then produce within the patient’s body to substitute the original ones which are malfunctioning or have stopped function. The ability to source artificial organs that are not banned by the body’s immune system could be ground-breaking, saving millions of patients who rely on exorbitantly expensive life-saving transplants annually. 


In a technologically dominated world, it’s thought that as many as 60% of customers wish numerically-led services. Telehealth designates a swiftly developing technology that permits patients to get medical care through their digital tools, instead of waiting for physical appointments with their doctors. Such as highly-personalized mobile apps are being established which permits patients to talk online with physicians and other medical specialists for instantaneous analysis and medical assistance. 


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