Web Development Trends To Look Out For This Year

New trends and technologies are continuously shaping the domain of web developers. The latest updates in information technology is transforming the way in which web developers are working in. Keeping up with these changes is crucial so as to be updated and make the most benefit out of them.

Let us look at some of the web development trends to look out for this year due to latest web technology updates:

  • Modular design and low development costs –

Modular designs help web developers by reusing the modules to create web pages instead of creating new web pages with restrictive and limited templates. It is increasingly being used by developers to create content blocks for displaying data information in much more effective ways. It is simply like playing a lego wherein each piece is interlocked with another. This increases the speed and reduces the cost of web development.

  • Responsive designs and the increase of mobile users –

Responsive design is increasingly become a necessity rather than a choice. There has been a rise in web traffic to mobile devices. Currently google is focussed on the desktop versions of site but there is a shift happening towards mobile sites. These mobile sites will ultimately become the benchmark. Having a mobile-responsive website is gaining traction and hence is becoming a must-have.

  • Chatbots and customer support –

Chatbots services are being used by greater number of users. It is predicted that more than 80% of the interactions are going to happen without any human presence on the other end. Chatbots are being used in customer service segments with good feedback from the users about its efficacy in finding solution to customer problems.

  • Accelerated mobile pages loading speed –

With Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), Google is enabling and encouraging businesses to develop websites that are mobile responsive i.e. they load quickly and work smoothly on mobiles along with providing rich video, animation and graphical content.

  • Voice search optimization –

Voice search queries are multiplying by more than 35 times. Approximately 19% of apple customers use Siri at least once in a day, and 55% of teens and 40% adults using voice search on a day to day basis. Technology like Siri on iPhone, Cortana on Android, Google Assistant on Google, and Alexa and Echo from Amazon are making consumers comfortable by providing voice enabled features. Consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable using voice search to browse the internet.

  • API-first solution – With the advancements in IOT, mobile devices, cars, wearable bands, watches, homes, appliances, and laptops are getting connected. This offers huge convenience for users. Till now the developers at front-end must wait for the back-end developers for developing the API which takes a lot of time and efforts. But with API first solution, now developers are building the product on top of API’s, hence saving a lot of time and work.
  • Motion UI and decreasing attention spans –

The average attention span of humans has decreased from 12 seconds to mere 8 seconds, performing lower than that of a goldfish. The best way for web developers to counter this problem is by making captivating user interfaces. Motion UI can grab users attention and keep them engaged.

  • Artificial intelligence and cybersecurity –

Developers are learning to make use of artificial intelligence that can help them in providing customer support services, predicting trends and preventing cybersecurity threats. The problem with cyber threat breaches is that they are reported only after they have happened when the attack has already bee done. This needs to change and robotic based solutions are coming up to take care of these problems to mitigate the damages by early detection and prompt reaction.

These are some of the web development trends to look out for this year because of the latest updates in information technology.


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