What Are the Positive & Negative Effects of the Technology on Children?

The latest technology trend in 2021 is ingrained in our daily lives, and the amount of time we spend engaging with our technology devices is only growing as we feel the need to keep connected. As a result, it’s practically impossible to keep our young children from wishing for similar encounters as well.

However, given how quickly toddlers, children, and teenagers are incorporating technology into their daily lives, many people are concerned about its impact on their development. Even though the adverse effects of technology frequently make the headlines and are discussed in the latest technology news, technology is increasingly being employed in educational contexts, such as the classroom. Effects of modern Technology are both positive and negative; This article will take a deep dive into both facets of technology usage by children. 

Let’s Look at the positives first: 


Children’s imaginations run wild; they can’t be confined. Whereas in the past, they just had crayons and coloured markers to get those ideas out and into a conveyable form, kids now have computers, tablets, and so much more to assist them in transforming those ideas into reality, whether through traditional drawing or digital art.

Interacting with technology has taught me various talents, each of which has its creative outlet. For example, programming a video game or a mobile app is the expression of coding.

Kids can now complete that process on their own, thanks to new technologies. Children learn to work independently to reach a specific objective thanks to the latest updates in technology. They are confronted with various hurdles and challenges during the process, which they must learn to manage and overcome. As a result, they’ll be encouraged to develop their problem-solving solutions when confronted with real-life situations like schoolwork difficulties, friendship conflicts, discomfort, as well as technological challenges.

Though children learn to become more independent and mentally strong through the use of technology and social media. There are some negatives as well. Let’s look at them now:


As kids become more reliant on mobile devices, they are more likely to be digitally connected with family and friends than physically spending time with them; they are more likely to text, chat on social media, or interact through online games than meet them in person.

Due to excessive use of technology, social communication skills are also in jeopardy. Knowing how to take turns during a conversation, employing facial expressions, adjusting the way you speak based on the listener, and creating good eye contact are all abilities that are learned and perfected via everyday engagement. However, as youngsters passively view a screen, such intimate interactions are limited.

Overuse of mobile devices, thanks to the latest updates in technology, can damage children’s health since the more time they spend on them, the less time they spend doing physical activity. Furthermore, when youngsters prefer to play on their devices rather than engage in physical activity, they are more likely to engage in mindless munching and other bad habits. 

Children spend less time outside playing, running, and burning calories as they spend more time in front of those screens—mainly on the couch. Unfortunately, these practices can lead to severe weight gain and other health issues over time.


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