What Are The Six Main Categories Of Data Recovery Solutions?

This article discusses the six main categories of data recovery solutions that most businesses have to go through at times of crisis. Once your business knows the different categories, you will be able to choose the right one.

Data loss occurs when the computer crashes, or when the device is hacked or infected by malware. This data loss can include small files, or in the case of large companies, it can cause the loss of a ton of money. Depending on the type of crash, there are several types of data recovery solutions that can be offered to recover the data. Here are some of the services that are commonly offered by data recovery companies.

Raid Recovery

In RAID systems, there is much more potential for damage and configuration problems, because it is extremely complex and needs extreme expertise to develop, administer and maintain. If the system is not backed up properly, it can lead to complete business failure or extreme financial loss, as these systems are the most critical part of the company, since everything is digital now. If the RAID system fails, do not ever touch it or try to fix it yourself. Immediately call expert data recovery services or the data can be lost forever.

Hard Drive Recovery

Hard drive failures make up a major part of the reasons for data loss. With advancing technology, hard drives are getting larger and holding more data. This means that data recovery solutions have become more important than before as people are now more worried about losing their precious data. Also, hard drives are reaching a capacity of 200 gigabytes, indicating that the potential for extreme data loss has skyrocketed.

Optical Recovery

Optical media is that which is written and read by laser-like DVDs and CDs. Problems like the development of scratches on the CD or DVD, or the media being ruined by the player, can cause optical media to fail. Attempting to fix this by yourself will make things worse, so the best thing to do will be to contact cloud disaster recovery solutions.

Tape Recovery

Tape recovery is generally used for backup and allows for a large capacity backup, which is very beneficial for businesses. This too is a complex system and should not be taken over by yourself. Seek help from professionals who have unique technology and tools for tape recovery. They will be able to help with data recovery with their vast experience.

Digital Recovery

Digital media, including cameras, portable storage devices, and other flash media, are becoming more affordable with time, thus leading to rising demand for recovery of these types of products. But data recovery companies have developed advanced digital data loss solutions, to easily recover digital data loss.

Removable Recovery

This includes storage media like zip drives, floppy disks, and other related storage media, which are much smaller and hold fewer data. But there are several problems that can arise from such devices, including physical damages and human error, which can cause overwritten data, virus damage, and disk reformatting.

If you do experience any of the above failures of any device, resulting in data loss, the first thing to do would be to stop panicking and contact your nearest data recovery services, who will handle the situation in a professional and expert manner.

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