Which is the best for coding between ChatGPT and Bard?

Which is the best for coding between ChatGPT and Bard?


Generative AI holds tangible benefits for computer programmers, offering assistance in code development and debugging, ultimately making lives a little easier. However, with the emergence of competing tools like ChatGPT and Bard for coding, the question that frequently pops up is: which one is the optimal choice for me? Chathpt vs Bard.   

Here, we will compare these tools comprehensively, engaging in the ultimate battle to determine which currently stands as the most feature-rich solution for programming purposes.   

Code with ChatGPT vs Google BARD   

To better understand the usefulness of Bard and Chatgpt for Coding purposes, we took a test. Task statement: Write HTML and CSS code for a simple chess gaming app.   

Regarding coding, ChatGPT 4 proves to be the superior choice, offering a more comprehensive solution for designing the layout of a chess gaming app.   

The HTML and CSS code generated by ChatGPT 4 is highly accurate and proficiently displays a chessboard with all the pieces arranged in their respective starting positions. Moreover, the code incorporates CSS classes for every single chess piece. It indicates the utilization of images to represent them. Responses as such lay a solid foundation for developing a fully functional chess gaming app.   

On the other hand, Google BARD’s response only provides the HTML and CSS code for a basic 8×8 chessboard without any accompanying chess pieces. Although it establishes the framework of a chessboard layout, it lacks the essential elements necessary for creating a fully functional chess gaming app. You can use ChatGPT for coding since it is comparatively better than Google’s Bard.   

Solving problems with ChatGPT vs. Bard   

At this juncture, Google’s Bard reveals certain limitations. However, is it capable of achieving a victory? Let’s assess its problem-solving capabilities by putting it to the test. There are instances when you encounter a problem but need help to represent it programmatically and find a solution.   

AI chatbots like ChatGPT and Bard for coding can be incredibly useful. But which chatbot exhibits superior problem-solving abilities? To evaluate this, we tasked them both with the challenge of “Develop a JavaScript code that counts how many times a specific word appears in a text.”   

Bard provided a functional code that successfully counts the occurrences of the given word. However, it does encounter issues when certain punctuation marks are in proximity to a word or when the word appears in varying cases.   

What about ChatGPT? Here are the results for the same problem. ChatGPT’s code adopts a robust and accurate approach to counting word occurrences in a text. It considers word boundaries and case sensitivity, effectively handling punctuation and delivering more dependable results. Once again, regarding problem-solving capabilities, ChatGPT emerges as the superior choice.   

ChatGPT vs Google BARD’s aptitude test   

In the examination of responses from ChatGPT 4 and Google BARD regarding the question, “How much money do I need to run a WordPress e-commerce website until it breaks even?”, it becomes evident that both AI models touch upon similar aspects concerning the costs involved. They mention domain and hosting, themes, plugins, e-commerce platforms, marketing, payment processing, inventory and shipping, and other expenses.   

Nonetheless, there are subtle discrepancies in the presentation of information between the two AI models. ChatGPT 4 delves deeper into the subject matter, providing more specific details regarding the costs associated with each component. Furthermore, ChatGPT 4 highlights the significance of considering fixed and variable costs in conjunction with revenue forecasts to calculate the breakeven point. In contrast, Google BARD’s brief response provides a comprehensive overview of the costs attached.     

Based on this assessment, ChatGPT emerges as the winner of the Chathpt vs Bard aptitude test.   


Despite the considerable hype surrounding Google’s Bard, it is surprising to witness its noticeable shortcomings compared to ChatGPT. While ChatGPT undeniably had an early advantage, one might expect Google’s extensive resources to aid in closing the gap.   

However, despite the results highlighting Bard’s current limitations, dismissing it as a programming aid would be imprudent. Although less powerful than ChatGPT, Bard still possesses notable capabilities and continues to evolve rapidly. Considering Google’s vast resources, it is only a matter of time before Bard emerges as a formidable rival in its own right. 


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