12 Weird Facts about Technology You Never Knew Before

12 Weird Facts about Technology You Never Knew Before

The technology has become the most vital parts of our lives and there is a huge transition in technology and there are many latest technologies update and even advanced technology updates since the previous times. There are 12 Weird Facts about Technology You Never Knew Before as follows:

1. In the previous times when the typewriters were used in keys placed in alphabetically order got jammed when they types fast, so in order to slow this down, the keys were placed in QWERTY format. Another reason is that this placement is easier to decipher Morse code according to the telegraph operators.

2. The most important advantages of modern technology are that the world’s 92% of all currency approximately is managed on the digital platforms and thus only 8% is left to be managed physically.

3. With the latest web technology updates, the domain names were costing close to $100 per domain name and this came into existence after 1995. Before this, the names were available for free and then it became a very big opportunity for people e to make money by selling the names later.

4. The 1st computer launched by IBM was in 1956 which had a hard drive which and was capable of 5MB of data storage, but it weighed almost a ton eventually, with the advanced technology update the data was transformed to a size of a miniscule thumb drive.

5. Engelbart helped in making the use of the mouse in the year 1968 which helped in moving with a single point display. He only named the term mouse because it looked to him matching with the physical characteristics of a rodent with a tail. Previously the X-Y position indicators were invented in 60’s Douglas Engelbart and Bill English.

6. Vladimir Lukyanov from Russia built a computer that was used in water in 1936 that used interconnected tubes of water filled in them to solve the partial differential equations. It’s now kept in the museum at Moscow’s Polytechnic

7. Before the latest web technology updates, the email was found much more than the WWW and therefore the URL’s never existed during that time. A computer along with rotary device was used to make the mails through the help of micro net services.

8. The printer ink could be saved by changing the fonts. The lighter fonts tend to used less ink in comparison to the darker ones.

9. Wikipedia works on the custom computer bots with almost over 1,941 bots in all, it helps in removal of any errors made on this through vandalism. Wikipedia has the highest information platform in the world and offers the users to make the changes by one and now with the latest updates automates the detection and removal of vandalism errors done on it.

10. Jonathan James has hacked the servers of Defense Threat Reduction Agency in the year 1999, and he was just a 15-year-old boy. He did this while sitting back in his room. He even did hack the source code for NASA’s International Space Station. He was then arrested, but a message to the world was loud and clear that the information is this networked world is so interconnected.

11. At MIT, the technology behind internet has begun and it was back in the year 1960’s.

12. The person behind Microsoft, Bill gates is a college dropout and he is the person who has done the advantages of modern technology or transformed the technological age.


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