7 Future Home Technologies You Should Know

Have you ever wondered; how easy life would become if we have everything automated in our house? yes! Right, but you know what, this dream is not a dream anymore.

We already have existed advanced gadgets that you see in many Sci-fi movies. Technology is growing rapidly in these days and there are so many effects of modern technology whether you can say good or bad, I wonder if you know that we can now control our home appliances such as TV, LED lights, fans and many more things from our Smartphones. This rapid growth in technology made our life very easy and enjoyable like now you don’t have to worry if your lights and fans are on or off in your home as you can control them from your smartphone.

Games are one of the best examples of modern technology, Games have made in a way that anyone can experience the virtual world as it is happening with them in real. In short, technology makes us experience the virtual world, which seems to be the real world.

What we have read above about the technology is just a very short description about the modern technology rather than that there are so many essential technology update news is available on the internet which should go through to update your technological news.

Apart from them, here is a list of 7 future home technologies you should know.

1. Lightning controls

Controlling ceiling lights and lamps from the wall switches have become so old-fashioned. In future, it would be very common that you can control your home light system from the smart-phones, touch screen panels or even from a thermostat that also helps in cooling the air of your home as soon as you reach home.

2. Reusable dryer balls

With the help of these balls, you can maintain the natural fabric of your clothes even after washing them without using any kind of chemicals. They soften your clothes and reduce the drying time by 25 percent.

3. Eco Dish cleaner

This cleaner converts waste food on your plates into reusable compost for plants by using ultrasonic waves to clean dishes by ionizing the food particles. You can read more about this Eco dish cleaner on recent technology updates.

4. Automated robots

Devices like iRobot, Neato are designed to travel around and clean the house. These one-armed and three-fingered robots can organize your home, pick up items and also serves drinks to the members.

5. Centralized Entertainment and streaming device

Big heart thanks to subscription-based entertainment such as Netflix, Prime Videos, Hulu, and YouTube, they a savior in daily hectic life. When you travel from your house to the office or even some other place you cannot carry your sluggish and buggy setup box and cable TV but can carry your smartphone and a subscription-based entertainment with you.

6. Smart Appliances

There are so many touch screen appliances such as refrigerators, washers, dryers are available in the market with the bevy of sensors. These appliances are advanced to an extra level and making human living very easy.

7. Power Tracking or Energy Efficient Tech

Think of a gadget that can tell you that you are running over the electronic budget of the month, YES! You read it well. According to information technology updates, a company named Powerhouse Dynamics divulged their total home energy program in which a gadget will track your total home’s energy consumption and the cost to allow you to manage your total energy usage.


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