Cloud hosting vs Dedicated hosting

Cloud hosting is a hosting service in which the client is provided with a virtual server and the resources needed to maintain the website are divided across multiple web servers. This reduces the risk of any downtime due to problems in the working of the server. You do not face any downtime issues as the other servers provide the required resources. The client’s website does not depend on one server but on a cloud of multiple servers.

A dedicated server refers to the rented use of a computer which has a web server, a software and an internet connection. The server is housed in the web hosting company’s premises and assigned to a single user or organisation. A dedicated server and all the resources are configured as per your needs and operated remotely from your company.

Difference between Dedicated hosting and Cloud hosting
In dedicated hosting, you are charged according to the package subscribed by you. The cost of dedicated hosting may lie between $100 to $1,000. But in case of cloud computing, you are charged only for the resources you use and only for the time you use them. In cloud hosting, there is no upper limit, as you are billed as per the usage. Unlike the dedicated server, there is no capping on the usage in cloud hosting.

A dedicated server needs more time to set up than the cloud server because cloud server is created on a cloud of computers in a few minutes. In case of performance, both dedicated and cloud hosting are almost comparable. In both cases, the computer slows down and require the cleaning of unwanted and temporary files. In cloud hosting, you can switch to other servers while the cleaning of regular servers takes place.
dedicated server hosting

Since the data is saved and accessed from multiple computers on the cloud, the website does not face downtime. You may just face some performance issues and slowdown. In a dedicated server, if the server crashes there is no possibility of recovering the data until the server is fixed and get back to run again.

The dedicated server is more secure than the cloud hosting as you are offered special security software and firewall for the security against virus attacks and malware. Although dedicated hosting may cost you more but it cost should not matter in the case of data security.


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