Coolest New Gadgets to Look Forward in 2019


Now it’s time to look forward to a fresh foray of innovative gadgets and advantages of modern technology to keep us distracted from the fact that there is no meaning to life. But whatever happens in the year ahead, we are certain to witness a breakthrough in the field of advanced technology, just like it helped science give the first image of the black hole. Like they say change is the only constant, Thanks to our modern day gadgets and the innovative tech behind it. Tech companies, start up’s, big players or even the ones who aren’t in the stages yet, are cooking up cutting edge innovation to wow us in the coming future with breakthroughs. One can get the latest technology updates and latest web technology updates or advanced technology updates through famous companies who offer you a deeper understanding of the advantages of modern technology.

Here are the top 10 gadgets to look forward in the year 2019-.

1 ) Nreal Light Mixed reality glasses –

Have you ever imagined to see the real world and overlay it with virtual content. We all can be IRON MAN now. The Nreal light is like a poor man’s tiny Magic Leap.

2) Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant –

We are no strangers to interactive screen’s but the beauty of Lenovo’s new smart clock is its simplicity. It covers all the bedside bases, from telling us the time to charging phones and also waking you up (gently) with a clock face that brightens before your alarm goes off. By connecting it with google assistant you can instruct it to do a lot more.

3) Samsung TVs: Samsung The Frame –

Samsung had big news this year, Samsung revealed a 75 inch MICORLED TV that’s great for home, going one step ahead from its last years debuted, It is equipped to complement the massive 219-inch update of the wall, previously 146 inches.

4 ) LG Signature OLED TV R9 –

A revolutionary TV that comes with greater innovation as it can be rolled up with a screen that can be stretched to 65 inches and then roll into a compact box. Maximizing the living space with infinite possibilities the LG OLED TV R elevates space into a luxury home cinema.

5 ) Opte Precision Wand –

Inkjet printer technology is getting a new life in cosmetics. The Opte Precision Wand does the same. It scans your skin for darker-than-normal spots and essentially prints over them with makeup, moisturizer and more. It’s from Procter & Gamble Ventures.

6 ) SportsArt Verde Human-Powered Flat Treadmill –

No more jokes about hamster-powered generators — now you can be the hamster with Verde’s electricity-generating treadmill. The Treadmill is a non-electric, completely human-powered treadmill built for all day use.

7 ) Jabra Elite 85h –

Last year Jabra had a major headphone hit with its Elite 65t totally wireless earphones. Now it’s going after Bose, Sony and others with its new Elite 85h over-ear premium wireless headphones that it says will deliver “best-in-class” performance.

8 ) Gaze Tray –

Gaze Tray is the world’s first desktop storage tray that wirelessly charges all your Apple devices at once. Gaze Tray is the world’s first multi-device wireless charger incorporated into a stylish storage tray.

9 ) Gillette Heated Razor –

The Heated Razor by Gillette Labs – thoughtfully crafted to deliver the comfort of a hot towel with every stroke.

10 ) KitchenAid Cook Processor Connect-

KitchenAid gave U.S. consumers a new kitchen counter appliance to lust, the Cook Processor Connect, a do-it-all machine that automatically stirs veggies as it, chops ingredients to your preferred size, kneads the dough, steams food, measures weight, and more. It also comes programmed with 100 recipes with step-by-step instructions accessed through an app. It’s like an Instant Pot, but pretty.


Today, when the rate of development and research is so incredible, it is unproblematic to think about the advantages of modern technology. If you are looking for getting updated news about new technology for your company and if you want to gather information about the 10 Coolest New Gadgets to Look Forward in 2019, then you should register on the most famous and most admired online platforms like All Day Technology. Regular technological updates will surely help your company to achieve growth and success.


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