Get to Know About the Upcoming Next Generation Google Assistant

Get ready for the biggest and latest updates in the technology from Google, its up-gradation of Google Assistant. Its new version possessed with 10 times faster feature, and some extra advance surprises.

As per the Google saying “this new version, will help to do multitasking, “like quick responses of multiple questions, without keeping an eye to press “Okay Google” repeatedly.

The new version also packed with extra in-app actions like Hey Google starts my search on Zomato.”

Advance Features of the new version

• Duplex for the web to help – There would be a feature that can complete certain tasks like filling out the forms alike Duplex for the web t0 helps. With one call to the assistant, you can make booking and duplex will begin its process of filling your details in real format.

• Obey the commands as per emotional needs –  Not so strange but, now you can say it as your assistant. Yes, it is becoming because of the latest updates in the informational technology including emotional values too.

Google Assistant allows you to ask personal questions, and you can expect a good response in a good manner.

For Example – “Hey Google”, is there any chance of having thunder at my grandparent’s home?”

• Allow you to set a reminder –  There is something more interesting in this pack. Usually, we set reminders for birthdays, anniversary, and some important dates. “The most dangerous game to play in the morning is to rest your eyes after turning off the Alarm”. Assistant is going you to give concession from this tweak, you can stop your alarms and reminders by just saying “stop”. One word and its goona stop.

• Smart displays – another assistant by Google that will help in the products too. Smart display by Google provides a more unique feature like “Picks for you”, or other contextual and personalized results according to your other previous searches. But you need to wait till the summers. Because this latest web technology update will be coming later this summers.

• Navigation assistance – The most awaited or important part of Google assistance is Waze. this new version enables the calling and navigation system while driving.

This latest web technology update will make driving more safe and easy. You can imagine a family drive to unknown places when navigation will become more powerful.

• New pixel series – Google is going to appear its next-generation, on-device assistance on the Pixel 4 series. Holding on other features they will roll out in the coming months.


More fun with the coming updated version of, Google’s assistant. The latest updates in the technology are going to make our life more comfortable. Easy to store information, easy to get information, easy to make commands, in simple words we can easily count on the latest updates in informational technology. A most important part of this technology is to provide a better experience than its previous version for an easy life.


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