Know the different types of digital assets that can be tokenized!

With the help of digital asset tokenization services, institutions can token all types of physical and digital assets on the blockchain without friction. In nutshell, the token is an encrypted file that is digitally generated and stored over the blockchain network. The purpose of the digitally encrypted file is to represent the real physical asset/ goods. The asset tokenization platform can be used by financial institutions and institutional investors at scale. The following are the different types of assets than can be tokenized by  digital asset tokenization services:

Estate property

The real estate market has already experienced a tokenization boom in the last few months. Numerous initiatives are taken by the local communities, real estate developers, and digital asset tokenization services to tokenize large chunks of land, expensive properties, and commercial spaces all across the globe. The digital asset tokenization services allow developers to raise funds by fractionalizing the ownership of the property and further divide into smaller units in order to provide greater liquidity and generate consistent rental income. Investors and developers can own a fraction of the property and securely store them with the help of digital asset custody solutions. With the help of digital asset custody solutions, intuitions can transform, own, and store physical assets in digital format.


The digital asset tokenization services can solve the biggest challenges faced by the health sector that extensively impacts the performance of the sector. By generating verifiable and consistent clinical records of patients all across the world, the digital asset tokenization services can fix troubles faced by the medical expert due to inconsistency in the medical records. The digital asset tokenization services can tokenize and privately mint patients’ data and speed up the overall treatment process. The digital asset tokenization services can also tokenize the medical examination data for future reference and consistent treatment purposes.

Supply chain and logistics

The digital asset custody solutions allow institutions to store and actively keep track of their offering and processes across the supply chain. It helps solve the complexity faced by supply chain and logistics companies. The digital asset tokenization services help uniquely tokenize services or products as well as monitor results, compare metrics and attain operational efficiency by mitigating risk and costs throughout the supply chain.

Sports and entertainment industry

Several digital asset tokenization services providers have experienced exponential growth in the tokenization of sports brands and products. Apart from that, sports teams can now raise funds by employing utility tokens such as fan tokens and even hold a certain percentage of the supply using digital asset custody solutions. The digital asset custody solutions allow investors, teams, players, and fans to invest in the future of the club and receive consistent returns over the long term. According to market research, the total market value of the sports token is expected to expand three folds in the next five years.
If you are looking for reputable and reliable digital asset custody solutions for your business, then Liminal is the best solution provider for you. Liminal offers institution-grade digital asset custody solutions with sophisticated security features. With liminal digital asset custody solutions and management platforms, institutions get a number of superpower features such as dedicated coverage, instant transfers, compliance standards, video verification, and smart contract cover. The digital asset tokenization services and custody platform is compatible with bitcoin, Binance smart chain, Ethereum, and polygon protocols.


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