Top 7 Healthcare Technology Trends in 2019 You Must Know

With the advent of latest technology updates like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the internet of things, modern men and women have become more conscious and responsible about their health. Gone are the days when individuals used to visit diagnostic centers and medical clinics when they experienced some internal health issues. This positive trend among the masses is primarily due to the advanced technology update.  Now people continuously track their body through the latest web technology update. Have a look at the top seven healthcare technology trends, which is taking the nation by storm. 

1.   Real-Time Health Tracking

Nowadays, people are interested in utilizing the advantages of modern technology for constantly monitoring their heartbeat, pulse rate, sleep pattern, total distance covered by foot in a day, and the number of stairs climbed within a specific time interval. You can accurately track all these parameters in real-time with a health watch, and reading the results with the aid of a Fitness App. This advanced technology update makes it possible to transmit the health data from the watch to the app and deliver the results in an easily understandable form. Not only this, but they also store every valuable health data so that you can correlate them in future.

2.   Internet of Things

Internet of Things is another latest web technology update which has made a considerable impact on human health. It includes a network of sophisticated instruments having transducers incorporated within them. Insoles acting as pressure sensors and location trackers monitoring the steps climbed are some of the examples of internet of things simplifying your life. These latest technology updates are beneficial for peripheral neuropathy and cardiac patients.

3.   Big data and EHR

Big data and EHR (Electronic Health Record) is another IT trend, which is helpful both for the patients as well as doctors. It allows healthcare professionals to maintain and gain access to patients’ previous health records with a few taps of the mouse. It is especially useful in treating chronic diseases when long term data are necessary for prescribing the right medication.

4.   Blockchain and Data Security

Making available large store of data does not work if you do not provide enough security to them. Unsafe storage of data can also lead to modifications in results, and theft without owners’ knowledge. Blockchain is a perfect solution to this problem, making it almost impossible to rob the data.

5.     Telehealth and Telemedicine

According to Cisco, in 2013, 74 percent of patients consulted their doctors only through phone calls and messages. Currently, telehealth and telemedicine make it possible to remotely diagnose your medical issues by online doctors, and provide a correct prescription to cure the condition.

6.     Artificial Intelligence

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, in healthcare helps in analyzing diagnostic reports of patients and making a correct diagnosis about their health conditions. In most cases, this advanced healthcare technology comes up with perfect results, which is comparable to top-rated physicians in the city.

7.     Augmented Reality in Healthcare

Augmented reality (AR) has made the task of medical professional much simpler and convenient. Doctors widely use AR to administer injections, perform endoscopic analysis, and provide intra-venous medicines to patients. 

These are the top seven healthcare technology trends in 2019 which have made a significant impact on human well-being. Patients residing in remote locations can use these advantages of modern technology to lead a healthy, disease-free life.


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