What is eSim card ? & What are the hidden benefits ?

What is eSim card ?


Today, most well-known daily technology news channels covers how smart phone technology is evolving, but with smart phone technology, the SIM card technology has also made significant progress and developments.

ESIM is the bi-product of such technological developments. You don’t have to be a tech-savvy person to use an eSIM or understand what is eSim card? In nutshell, eSIM cards are small cards located in your smart phone devices that allow your phone to connect and transfer data packets to your wireless carrier’s network.     

What is esim card and how it works?  

An eSim is a digital SIM card that enables users to activate varied range of cellular plans from their favourite carrier without actually purchasing any kind of physical SIM. The technical name for eSIM is eUICC which stands for Embedded Universal Circuit Card or virtual SIM.  

Under the surface, the digital version of the physical SIM card help identify your smart phone device virtually to deliver network connection. In other word, the SIM is programmed and stored inside the smart phone. Even if the user changes the smart phone devices still, they don’t have to purchase new SIM card every time. The carrier can identify the devices and provide network connection.  

Both individuals and small, medium, large business can take advantage of eSim’s and network infrastructure to make communication frictionless and efficient. The eSim based infrastructure will make inculcating change easy and updating wireless services prompt.

It allows businesses to update plans remotely across multiple line at once without lags. This allows them to scale rapidly.  Even if you are travelling abroad with eSim enabled device, you don’t have to purchase a second physical SIM card when you arrive at your destination. The roaming expense is relatively low as well. 

What is eSim card and its significance will come into limelight when IoT devices will get deployed across major cities. ESIMs will make internet powered economy possible. IoT devices such as electric autonomous cars, wearable devices, home appliance, and industrial machineries are all going to rely on eSIMs and network infrastructure to work efficiently.  

Benefits of eSim

  • Convenience : eSIM’s are digital, eliminating the need for physical SIM cards.
  • Flexibility : Users can switch between service providers without having to change SIM cards.
  • Global roaming : eSIMs make it easier to switch between local carriers while traveling abroad.
  • Cost savings : eSIMs can reduce costs associated with physical SIM cards and shipping.
  • Remote provisioning : eSIM’s can be activated and configured remotely, making the setup process more efficient.
  • Device design : eSIM’s allow for smaller and more compact device designs, as they do not require a physical SIM card slot.
  • Prevent E-Waste :It also contribute to green environment Movement by preventing Electronic waste in Surrounding.

According to several daily technology news outlet, as well move forward, more and more smart devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, and portable devices are going to get equipped with an eSim card.   

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