Do you know the types of web hosting service for your website

types of web hosting


Every business has different requirement. But to scale, most business need to adopt digital technologies. Website is key for business success in this digital economy. And when it comes to website, you fist need to pick a web hosting service.   

The different types of web hosting you and your business can opt for : 

Free hosting 

Free hosting is one of the types of web hosting services. Usually, this type of services is non-paid. Free hosting services allow you use websites to attach online advertisement banners as well as use any other types of advertisement media.

But most free hosting doesn’t provide reliable customer support. Additionally, they offer lower bandwidth and allow users to transfer limited amount of data. With Free hosting services, user don’t have full control over their own website. 

Virtual hosting 

Shared or Virtual hosting is one of the types of web hosting services. Usually, with shared hosting services, one web server is shared with numerous website span across various domain.

With virtual hosting services, subscribers are assigned one domain name which help them present themselves as reliable and trustworthy website. Businesses and individual’s websites are secured by the types of web hosting they opt for.   

Dedicated hosting 

Dedicated hosting is one of the types of web hosting services. When compared to other types of web hosting services, dedicated hosting services providers are considered to be ideal for large-scale enterprise and multinational corporations.

With dedicated hosting services, business get a dedicated server for their website which helps them manage high traffic. With dedicated hosting services, businesses and individuals get reliable database support and robust software support. It is expensive and require technical knowledge to operate since subscribers get root access to servers.  

Co-location hosting 

Co-location hosting is one of the types of web hosting services. With co-location hosting services, business get the ability to deploy their own web-servers on the premises of the provider. Longer bandwidth high up-time is one of the top reasons to opt for Co-location hosting service over other types of web hosting services.

Other than that, co-location hosting services is expensive and require deep technical knowledge to operate. Even though web hosting service provider offers unlimited software support and high security support still business is provided with root access and debug tools.      

What types of web hosting service is ideal for your case? 

Asserting any kind of recommendation regarding the best type of web hosting service one should opt for is a challenging task. Based on your requirements and web-site need, the hosting services recommendation may differ. There are multiple sets of consideration you must make prior to opt for a web hosting service provider.

If you’re just looking to kickstart your website without incurring too much cost – then shared hosting makes the most sense for you. If you want have custom features from your web-hosting provider, then opting for VPS web-hosting services would be ideal for you.

You might not be having reliable technical support for your web-site, then opting for a managed hosting service makes the most sense – they will provide you with technical help and help you maintain your basic website.   

All the above mentioned recommendations are perfect if you’re just starting out. Once you get a hang of it and a bit experience with the hosting provider, now you can opt for better or a different provider based on your varying requirement and assessment of the services.   

Try not to opt for multi-year hosting contract right at the start since you don’t have any experience with the service provider. Whether you want to stick with the provider or want to change it – will get determined based on the experience you have with the respective web-hosting provider. The subscription cost might be expensive because you not opting for a multi-year contract.   


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